June 15, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

Not only is the landscape amazing, but Shu and her crew have seen some pretty cool wildlife too: elk, deer, snakes, fox and mice all cross the road.

We are also keeping a road kill spotter and so far have coyote, skunk, cow, cats and dogs, snakes and rabbits.

We are currently flying across the high plains. All of Shu’s bikes have names. We have three with us and so far Shu has been riding Missie Sippie (Trek Domane) and Trevor (Trek Madone) for the desert and mountains. Now it’s time for Wiggo (Trek Speed Concept). They are powering along the straight rolling roads through flat grasslands with infinite views.

With the warm weather and monotony of the view Shu is feeling drowsy so we are giving her some caffeine and tying to think of distraction tactics.

We have Matt, James and Beth in the follow car. The view is hypnotic with the road stretching into the distance. We are looking at four turns in the next 10 hours of driving.

Time station 22 called in.