Tobina Wilson


Tobina has worked as a physio since qualifying ten years ago and has been lucky enough to work with a huge range of people in different sports from the Sierra Leone youth football academy, Professional Rugby, National Pole vaulting teams, all levels of cyclists to our every day heroes running marathons and doing events for the first time. Whilst she loves running a clinic in London Tobina needs a little bit of adventure and crazy in her life so is constantly seeking out fantastic athletes and teams to join on missions. And what better mission in 2015 than to join Shu in RAAM 2015 and be part of the tremendous team about to shred miles, eat roads up and support Superwoman Shu in her incredible race.

As a keen sports person herself, Tobina is hoping to tick off some climbing up in Yosemite before heading south to join Shu and the team and is already in awe of the endurance challenge ahead which she is much better physio-ing than attempting herself!