James Hampshire

Chief Mechanic

ShuRAAM v2.0 – Unfinished business!

Many people said the chance of a rookie team with a rookie rider getting to the finish in Annapolis was impossible, but after so nearly proving them wrong in 2014 the team has got to go back to finish what they started and claim some scalps along the way…

So despite the psychological scars from malfunctioning two way radios, a nervous twitch from checking the rear view mirror every 5 seconds for Mad Max pick-up drivers and an intestine burnt through from a diet of trail mix and fresh jerky, elite colourer-in-er James returns to Crew Shu with his very particular skill set:

  • Jason “The Transporter” Statham feats of epic endurance driving.
  • A navigational ability rivalling that of migrating birds.
  • Renowned as a “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” fancy dress style icon.
  • MI5 levels of knowledge of on-route (and off-route) entertainment opportunities…
  • …and quite handy being a bike-wrench!