Chris Sharp

Crew Chief

RAAM 2015 is an opportunity for the whole team to pull together and build on last year’s attempt. An event of this magnitude was always going to be tough for the rider and crew and this year Chris is determined to implement a refined plan and improved strategy utilising the skills of every member of the team to get Shu over the finish line (ideally in one piece). The team’s experience and commitment to their rider will be the driving force to get the most out of this adventure.

Chris’s background lies with activity and water sports management and project management that has allowed him to travel around much of the world and gain valuable experience in remote locations and in making difficult decisions. Using this experience Chris will be working carefully on the race strategy to play to the team’s strengths.

Chris says, “Like every member of Crew Shu I have unerring confidence in the abilities of our rider and know that everyone will battle the demands of RAAM 2015 together all the way to the finish”.

Having been interested in ultra-distance events for a long time Chris sees RAAM as the pinnacle of endurance events. RAAM 2015 is an opportunity to be part of something great and he feels that they are entering this year’s event a little older and a little wiser.