On our way to El Dorado

June 16, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

Shu is back on the road after a small sleep. She is working on very limited amounts of sleep, some napping and then a small number of slightly longer breaks where she has a complete change of clothes, a wash, some food and at a maximum a couple of hours of sleep.

Here are some comparisons of the distance Shu is pedalling for RAAM.


Shu is now further than her attempt at Race Around Ireland, her previous furthest distance pedalled (1190 miles in 5 and a half days).

There are strong gusting winds so the rules have been relaxed to allow direct follow until the end of Kansas, another 4 time stations. It is also very hot.

Our next crew changeover is at Rosalia, just past El Dorado in Kansas and around 100 miles from here. It’s much of the same in terms of roads, straight ahead, no turns!