June 16, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

Our first crash of the ride was just before time station 23. Rail road tracks set at an angle brought Shu and Wiggo down. Shu’s first concern was for Wiggo [he’s fine!].

She has a graze on her forearm and some soreness on her hip but a full range of movement and was straight back on the bike. Her main concern was checking in at the time station to make sure she had a decent time for the stage.

Shu tells me the next song to play on her iPod was Chumbawamba, Tubthumping: ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down’. No whiskey drinks for Shu or the crew until Annapolis though.

We will keep a close eye on her over the next couple of days and make sure the paramedic checks her out at the next time station.

The next couple of stages continue their downward trend, it’s around 600km of down.


We’ve been chatting on the radio about the blog a lot today. There’s been so much good news to keep telling her to help keep her focused. We’ve also loved the distraction techniques – thank you.

Shu is surprised at how often the word ‘inspiration’ has been used in comments on the blog, it’s not a word she expected to be used about her. It brought us to talking about some of the women who have shown Shu what is possible: Eileen Sheridan, Beryl Burton, Chrissie Wellington, Judith Swallow, Dame Sarah Storey, and Ann Wooldridge. Shu has described what these women proved was possible in the Shusanah Pillinger – Road to RAAM Facebook page.