June 16, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

Shu is halfway through RAAM, 1510 miles down. The halfway point although marked on the route book was completely absent from the road so we pulled in just along the route and got out the GB flags to celebrate.

Shu has been cycling pretty much 250 miles a day to get to this point. An incredible feat of endurance. She is in close proximity to several other racers including another female solo rider, Janice Sheufelt of the USA. She cycled to our current break for 5 mins alongside Tim Richardson another GB solo rider.

The crew, even those who drove through the night in the follow car, are buoyed by this milestone. The new crew rotations are working well, we’ve increased the length of the shifts which gives those in the support car and RV a better chance at some decent sleep. The arrival of Zoe, as our 9th member of crew, has also given the team renewed energy.

Shu is a bit sore from her fall yesterday and has stopped for some sleep now