Finally some gentle descending

June 14, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

She’s made it! She battled amazingly over this tough section, even riding the last 300m of the Wolf Creek Pass with Arnold the Herts Air Ambulance tucked in the front of her jersey (photo to follow). The crew ran with her for several sections of the climb trying to help with cheering her on.

Now a stop for some fuel for her and a very short rest. Luckily the profile for the next stage is a much better triangle shape, a fairly gentle descent all the way to the San Luis Valkey. So it’s aero bars and the deep section wheels.

Pippa and James Middleton are starting today as part of an 8 man relay time. They will ride 377 miles each and are likely to overtake us so we’ll be looking out for more Brits on the road.