Final prep for RAAM

June 2, 2015 RAAM 2015

It’s not long to go now until we head out to the States for RAAM 2015. But there’s plenty to do still.

Yesterday Shu was sorting out the final mechanical kit, picking up one bike which has just been serviced at Cycle Right, and dropping off another. The third is awaiting collection by Phil, who will dismantle and pack up for the flight. All the spare parts have been checked over and missing items are being sourced. There are wheels and bike boxes cluttering Shu’s living room making moving around tricky.

Today Shu has been finalising the medical kit. A trip to her doctor furnished her with prescriptions for some of the medications she might need in an emergency, to add to all those from last year’s trip that weren’t used. Everything has been packed up and labelled for ease of finding in the follow vehicle. All the medical kit will be reunited with the yellow medical KitBrix bags out in the US.

There’s never an idle moment in RAAM prep. Still to do: pack up all the electronics, print out registration documentation and checklists, pre-load all the routes and maps onto GPS devices, laminate route cues, build playlists for the MP3 players and sort out all the cash and cards for the trip!