Epic Night of Climbing Ahead

June 14, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

We are on the road heading up to the continental divide. Shu will be tackling the epic combination of Baldy Mountain followed by Wolf Creek Pass tonight. I understand this is legendary on Strava and in the history of RAAM. The idea is to make it over the two climbs tonight so she can descend with some daylight.

Wolf Creek Pass is the highest point of the route at 3,300m and higher than any paved road in Europe. We are conscious there is the potential for altitude sickness so we’ll keep a close eye on Shu.

We made it through Durango without any penalties. Durango is one spot where the rider can be required to be with their bike in the penalty box. It’s not completely dead time, the rider can sleep in a car or use the time to eat. While no penalties for the team we have had two warnings. Warnings are given by an official pulling over the follow car and rider and explaining the rule infringement. We had one warning this morning for continuing direct follow when we should have been on leap frog support with the follow vehicle.

Erica, James and Matt did a long stint today getting Shu to Durango, so now we have Chris, Ele and Beth in the follow car. We also have a new crew member arriving tonight – Zoe has flown in to Durango airport.