Durango 12 hours before cut off time

June 13, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

She’s made it to Durango in fine style, 12 hours before the cut off. This means she has made it a quarter of the way through RAAM and we are in our fourth state.

She’s had some mashed potato and now it’s time for a proper rest and shower for her and crew before we head further into the Rockies.

There is a correction to an earlier blog post; Shilpa and Beth accompanied Shu, from the follow car, as she cycled through there this morning. We were there pretty early local time so it was bathed in moonlight but not the sunrise view we’d hoped for.

The scenery has changed again, from desert to huge rocks and greenery, but this route really does go through some amazing places. The temperature is about 34 degrees but there is a bit of a mountain breeze and it’s threatening to rain.

The altitude is around 2500 m and we are heading up towards Wolf Creek Pass for early morning tomorrow.

Generally Shu has been feeling well. She felt nauseous early yesterday morning which meant it was difficult to keep her fuelled. She has also had some ‘hot foot’ and she also has some strapping to support her knees and achilles. Generally in good spirits though and riding well today trying to race some of the boys.

We’ve struggled without wifi or phone reception for the last couple of stages and have had to borrow phones to call in time stations to race HQ.