June 11, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

Arizona goes on for a long way, nearly 8 time stations and 458 miles. We are guessing that will be two days cycling.

A change of clothes, breakfast and coffee and the crew is enjoying the drive across the desert. The views are amazing.

It’s hot and humid up hill work for Shu though. A solid triangle shaped profile heading up to 1929 feet. The route book jovially points out we will be ‘beyond Hope’ by mile 48.6 of the stage between time station 4 and 5.

The rule book also requires only ‘leap frog’ support through most of Arizona during the day. This means the follow car cannot drive directly behind Shu but needs to drive on ahead, pull off the road so that the vehicle is a full 5 feet from the carriageway and offer support from the roadside.

We have lots of ice in all the vehicles and bottles we can use to spray water over Shu. We also have a jersey and sweat bands in the cool box if she wants them.