1085 miles down

June 14, 2014 RAAM 2014 0 Comments

She’s made it 1085 miles to time station 19. The scenery is again incredible. This morning we have driven through a huge, perfectly flat, valley with almost a full circle of peaks around. This afternoon the blue skies have been replaced with some cloud and the possibility of some rain.

A tremendous tailwind which blew her to time station 19 has now become a hindrance as a vicious crosswind at the beginning of the stage to time station 20.

We heard this morning that one of the lady solo riders, Janice, had to go to hospital with altitude sickness. We think (and hope) she is back on the road now. Shu also found the altitude really tough and did walk about 300ms of the climb last night.

Now we head to Cuchara Pass which the route book describes as the prettiest of the major Colorado passes. After a steep, narrow climb we descend for 40 miles to Trinidad.

We are still struggling with the wifi and mobile coverage, so not able to load photos direct to the blog. Please have a look at Shusannah Pillinger – the Road to RAAM Facebook page for photos from today’s ride.