Racing across America

1st and only British woman to finish the Race Across America

Bike packing across Europe

A 10 day self supported adventure from Morocco to the UK

Cycling across India

1st overall in the Deccan Cliffhanger 400 mile race

Fundraising whilst racing

Supporting the Herts Air Ambulance

Racing across Europe

The Transcontinental Race #5 2017…


ultra swimmer

From the backstroke team on school sports’ day to swimming between the UK and US 😉

ultra cyclist

Commuting between St Albans and London by bike led to the start line of the Race Across America

ultra runner

Always got stitch as a kid – but now I don’t think twice about running a double marathon

What can I do for you?


I love talking about ultra challenges. I’ve presented informal talks to cycling, running and triathlon clubs, and all the way up to formal keynote speeches in the corporate environment. I have also given many interviews on radio, TV and the stage.


I like to take part in events which give like minded people the chance to ask any questions they might have about ultra racing. I have participated in numerous panel discussions, networking evenings and information sessions, all with the aim of encouraging others to take the leap into ultra events.


I am keen to help other athletes take on bigger and bigger challenges, using the wealth of experience I have in long distance ultra racing. I am able to advise on supported, unsupported and the crewing of complex ultra challenges.